Recommended Open Source Monitoring Tool

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Can you suggest some open source monitoring tool that have excellent performance in monitoring every components in a system? What do you think of Osmius?

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Recommended Open Source Monitoring Tool


Actually osmius is a open source monitoring tool. It's recommended on c++ and java. It can monitor everything with incredible performances. Download it free from here-

Having it by, you can create and integrated your business services perfectly. So it is highly suggested for you, if you want to my personal opinion.

You can also know about this  effective open source monitoring tools that might be helpful to you. You must paid a visit to this site- Here I suggest you to use killer open source monitoring tools. Also you can visit this site-

You can use open smart. It is enabled with- Linux, HP/UX, AIX, OS/390, Windows (with ActivePerl), Windows (with Cygwin), and Solaris. You can download it from here-

Hope for the best.

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