Receiving a message Window Corrupted

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Yesterday i was working on my pc it was working fine but then suddenly my computer restarted. I received an ERROR:window corrupted.

After that i tried many times to start my computer but  again and again i received that same message.

I cannot format my computer as i have very important data inside Can any body help me through this.?

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Receiving a message Window Corrupted


Your windows is corrupted. Try to boot your computer with XP installation CD and try to repair your windows.

Due to repairing process, you did not lose your data.

Take care.

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Receiving a message Window Corrupted


Hi Kat,

Try this sulotion


Run Recovery Console Type the following command and then press Enter.


This task will locate any bad sectors on your system and recover any readable information from it.

To prevent such problems, it is recommended that you perform regular PC maintenance. For example, you must use tools, such as Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter to maintain and clean the hard disk, a reliable registry maintenance tool, such as Registry Booster to maintain a healthy registry, and efficient antivirus and antispyware tools, such as McAfee Antivirus Plus and StopZilla to maintain a virus and spyware free PC.


Driver Update: Many errors are related to driver problems such as obsolete, outdated or incompatible drivers. A driver update tool is recommended to scan your system for corrupted and outdated drivers and to ensure that all your drivers stay up-to-date.

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Receiving a message Window Corrupted


Little Registry Cleaner (LRC) tool can be used to resolve this problem. By the help of this, It is very easy clean the entire registry. But if your PC is not getting started, then follow the given steps.

Inserts windows installation disk to CD-ROM and boot your system from CD.

After that a "Welcome to Setup" screen will appear, to start the Recovery Console press R.

Then Administrative Password will be asked, enter the Password.

If the administrator password is blank, just press ENTER.

Recovery Console command prompt will appear

Carefully type the following lines step by step, and press ENTER after typing each line.

md tmp

copy c:windowssystem32configsystem c:windowstmpsystem.bak

copy c:windowssystem32configsoftware c:windowstmpsoftware.bak

copy c:windowssystem32configsam c:windowstmpsam.bak

copy c:windowssystem32configsecurity c:windowstmpsecurity.bak

copy c:windowssystem32configdefault c:windowstmpdefault.bak

delete c:windowssystem32configsystem

delete c:windowssystem32configsoftware

delete c:windowssystem32configsam

delete c:windowssystem32configsecurity

delete c:windowssystem32configdefault

copy c:windowsrepairsystem c:windowssystem32configsystem

copy c:windowsrepairsoftware c:windowssystem32configsoftware

copy c:windowsrepairsam c:windowssystem32configsam

copy c:windowsrepairsecurity c:windowssystem32configsecurity

copy c:windowsrepairdefault c:windowssystem32configdefault

After completing these steps, quit Recovery Console by typing exit. Now Your computer will restart.

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Receiving a message Window Corrupted


If you have an Automated System Recovery backup for the system, the first thing to try is to restore that backup and recover the system. To repair manually, start by booting from the XP installation disk. Choose the Recovery Console from the Welcome to Setup screen. Create a temporary directory and copy the files named system, software, sam, security and default from the WindowsSystem32config directory to your temporary directory. Type "exit" at the command prompt and restart.

Press F8 as the computer restarts and choose Safe Mode from the boot menu. Open the System Volume Information folder. You may need to adjust your Folder Options to make that folder visible. Locate a recent restore point folder that begins with "_restore…" in the System Volume Information folder and open the Snapshot subfolder. Copy the _REGISTRY* files that match the files you copied earlier to your temporary directory, then rename them to match the names used in the system32config directory.

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Receiving a message Window Corrupted


Hi Kat. try this. reboot, click Find – Files or Folders (or Start – Search in XP), type "*.TMP" (without the quotes), delete all files found and then reboot again if ever you find that you are unable to delete a file try doing it from Safe Mode.

Goodluck! 🙂

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Receiving a message Window Corrupted



don't worry even if u format your pc you can recover your data by using recovery software.

see that website for restoring the data even u format.



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