Reason for FaceBook for buying Instagram

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Good day everyone!

I just heard on the news that Facebook bought the Instagram for a large amount..

I don't know the exact details on this yet but I just came here to ask your opinions about this event.

What do you think the reason is on buying it on a large amount of money?

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Reason for FaceBook for buying Instagram


Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion. Instagram’s user base reported by them before they released the Instagram app for Android was 30 million. Facebook is on pace to reach 1 Billion users worldwide. It seems strange that Facebook, having such a large network with so many users, would spend so much money for such a small network like Instagram. I think there are two main reasons for the acquisition. 

Although Facebook is not just a photo sharing site, such as Flickr or Picasa, they do have a large amount of photos uploaded to their network. Instagram makes the amount of photos on their networks bigger. The other reason I believe that they acquired them, is because Facebook is getting to the point where their network will no longer grow.

They are getting to the point where everybody that wants a Facebook will have one. They now need to start diversifying to other networks to bring users in that are not interested in Facebook.


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Reason for FaceBook for buying Instagram


The main reason why Facebook bought instagram is that instagram was the biggest threat to Facebook mobile photo sharing feature, the sayings that if you cant beat your competitors you always have the option to buy them out.

That's the simple and straight forward reason why Facebook bought instagram with almost $1billion so that they will have the 30million plus subscriber of instagram on Facebook as well.

What makes instagram cool and famous is that its ability to customize the photos by applying filters and making the photos appear very professional and instantly sharing it to its own instagram network and other social networking sites like Facebook and twitter.

The growth of instagram was really phenomenal.Instagram is only 2 years old in iPhone but its already hit the 30 million accounts and its users are uploading over 150 million photos.Instagram is a free application on iPhone which became the number one app in the Apple store with over 15 million downloads,that is why Facebook acquired instagram.When instagram is launched on Android app over 1 million downloads happened within the first 24 hrs.

Facebook sees the great potential on instagram that is why it is not really surprising that they bought it.

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