Reading data from COM port using batch file

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I want to retrieve data from COM port and then save it into a text file. Is there any command resist in the MS DOS through which I can read the data from COM port by using the batch file? If anyone knows the solution kindly quote it stepwise so that it would be easier for me to understand.



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Reading data from COM port using batch file



Hi dear,

You can use these commands to recover / retrieve data from the com ports

To Recover use following command


RECOVER [drive:] [path] filenames

RECOVER drive:

Also see for recording comments

  REM [comment]

If you want to Rename the file use REN command

Here you can also replace the data by using REPLACE[drive1:][path1] filename [drive2:][path2][/A][/P][/R][/W]



I hope it will be useful to you.




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