Read About Windows Server 2008 Vmware In Detail.

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I just wish to know if anyone can tell me about windows server 2008 vmware. I would be glad to know that someone has an answer to my question.

Please help.


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Read About Windows Server 2008 Vmware In Detail.

  1. First, insert the Windows Server 2008 version CD in the drive of CD-ROM.
  2. Next, power on the machine to begin installing the Windows Server 2008.
  3. If you are utilizing VMware Para virtual as a default controller of SCSI, then you can install Windows Server 2008 32-bit as well as 64-bit by using the driver of pvscsi-windows2008.flp.
  4. Now, perform the prompts to finish the installation.
  5. Finally, install the VMware Tools.

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