Read About Windows 8 Error 0x80070570 In Detail.

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I just wish to know if anyone can tell me about windows 8 error 0x80070570. I would be glad to know that someone has an answer to my question.

Please help.


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Read About Windows 8 Error 0x80070570 In Detail.


The “0x80070017” code of error implies bad media. So, if you have the CD of installation to install Windows 8 on your system, I would advise you to verify the installation media and ensure that it is not problematic. If it feels faulty and if you bought the CD from an outlet store, it will be better to have the replacement from that retailer, or you might have to generate an installation media.

If you don’t feel that the problem is with the installation media, then this may be because of the faulty sectors on the PC.

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Read About Windows 8 Error 0x80070570 In Detail.


Error code “0x80070017” normally refers to bad media. If you are installing Microsoft Windows 8 when the error appears, it means the setup DVD you are using is damaged. You need to use a different installation media or disc to continue the installation.

In case the setup DVD is just new or it is the retail version of Windows 8, in this case, you need to check your hard drive for bad sectors. If there is no problem with the installation media then the problem could be coming from the destination media which is your hard drive.

To check the drive for bad sectors, connect it to another computer and do the checking there. You can use PC Tools Performance Toolkit to check the drive for errors. Follow the instructions to download and unpack and then install it. Once installed, start PC Tools then go to “Recovery” tab and click “Repair Drives.”

On the next screen, select “Surface Scan” under “Select Drive Operation” and check “Perform on reboot.” Select the drive you want to check then click “Start” and then “Continue.” Close PC Tools then restart the computer. This will check the drive on startup. If the scan detected some bad sectors, repeat the scan until it no longer detects a bad sector.

When the drive is now clear from bad sectors, try installing Windows 8 again and see if it works.

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