Read About Unspecified Error 80004005 In Detail.

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Hi everyone,

I wish to ask about unspecified error 80004005 in brief. If anybody is having any clue regarding this, then please explain it in reply.

Thank you in advance.

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Read About Unspecified Error 80004005 In Detail.


It has been a quite difficult error to resolve. It is also possible that the reason behind this error is using WScript instead of CScript.

Verify the underlying database, such as names, exclusive locks, and permissions.

Another problem that I was having with error 80004005 was because of a firewall blocking an important port, which was either 80 or 135.

For example, the String Number Problem

One fix to this problem is to ensure that the data in intRow 7 and intRow 8 is in the form of string values only and not numbers.

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Read About Unspecified Error 80004005 In Detail.


Since that error was triggered from a script, it could be one of the undocumented errors that haven’t been detected yet. An “unspecified error” can be anything or can be caused by anything. When programmers create a program, they normally document the errors that were encountered during the testing and they add a little description about the error.

When users encounter them, they will know what the error is all about and they can provide the error number to support team. The error number generated by the program will help the support team in fixing the problem. The description about the error normally appears as an error message. That’s why when you see an error message on your screen it normally includes an error number.

If you encountered the error when running a program, close the dialog and run the program again. See if it works. If it fails again, check the system requirements of the program and make sure your computer meets the requirements.

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