The range of and infrared connection and speed

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I have an infrared based phone and wanted to know what would be the range for the connection of this device with my laptop that is fully compatible infrared. How fast can I transfer data between the hone and the laptop given the fact that its a point to point connection? What security measures are there like the encryption?

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The range of and infrared connection and speed



Infrared immerged thoroughly in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. It is an unseen beam-energy with longer wavelengths.

It is emitted and or produced by heated objects. This can be enhanced by combining its signals with Light Emitting Diode (LED). This is the idea manufacturing strong signal remote controls.

It can normally transfer a file of 500 kb within 1-5 seconds depending in the line of sight. The signal can only reach at least until 5 meters. Cloning or copying IR signals can be very difficult. Software like these are only being offered and used by military and particular security department in any government.

The best thing in infrared it is difficult to intercept with its signal since we can only transmit files or date within 5 meters only. Other way to transmit information using infrared is to boost it up or use enhancer or repeaters. Encryption would be best before transferring files using internet.

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