Beeping sound caused by RAM

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Hi There!

My RAM (Random Access Memory) is not serve good service. Because sometimes it does not beep any sound.

Ans sometimes it is not respond.

I cannot tell what is the main and prime option. But I am sure it is the RAM option.

Sometimes my windows screen will be splahing  like a fisheries ne and I cannot move my mouse cursor.

Then a little beep sound is creating inside my PC.

Why RAM makes a beep sound?

Just I know this good answer.


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Beeping sound caused by RAM



Your RAM does function properly but the main problem is not with your RAM but with the speed of operation. Whenever your processing speed exceeds a specified limit of RAM, the RAM stops for a bit of time or I might say it haults for a specific time period and then functions over the next commands in its data bus. Due to this, we generally observe a splashing effect as in water, over the monitor or a dragging effect.

The sound or beep produced is not produced by the RAM but by the HDD as RAM is 100% incapable of producing any noises. This noise is also a result of extreme load which is difficult to be executed by the Random Access Memory (RAM).

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Beeping sound caused by RAM


Hi there,

  • As far as i know. IF there's a beep sound in your computer, this means that your RAM is DEFECTIVE.
  • This method will guide you on how to find distinguish the main problem of your computer.
  • Please follow the steps below:
  • Start your computer.
  • Once the RAM will beep. Remove and re insert it to its second SLOT.
  • If this still beep. Turn your PC OFF
  • REMOVE the RAM. And turn it ON
  • IF, the motherboard beeps without RAM, then your system hardware is working well.
  • But IF your system Didn't beep, then your MoBo ( MotherBoard) is Broke.
  • There are many ways to identify a problem, but i recommend to buy a new 1 than repairing it, because it will cost you a lot and repairing it is not secure as having a brand new, thus  it will just keep you cost money by repairing it again and again.


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