RAM and Mhz: which to consider?

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I am planning to buy a new computer for my gaming, Photoshop and some video editing jobs.

But I get confused when I saw the two 6 GB PC's with different Mhz.

The first computer has 1333 Mhz while the other one has 1600 Mhz.

What is the difference between the two and which among them is best to use considering my purpose of buying a new PC.

Can someone please help me decide?


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RAM and Mhz: which to consider?


Hi Simon,

As a fellow gamer myself, it is critical we get the best out of what we buy when it comes to our hardware.

First of all, MHz is an abbreviation of Megahertz, it is the measurement used in many computer related devices to measure how fast a device can execute a command.

So the higher the MHz of a processor, the faster it can execute a command.

In an ordinary persons perspective, a high memory RAM with high MHz means there is no or small lag time when switching from 1 application to another; or being able to run a lot of applications simultaneously without stressing your RAM.


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RAM and Mhz: which to consider?


1333Mhz or 1600MHz is a clock speed of RAM. You need to get RAM that is compatible with your motherboard bus speed.

The actual ram speed is half of that since it is double data ram, that's what DDR stands for.

If your motherboard has an effective 666mhz FSB 1333mhz RAM would be best to use for over clocking.

But if you plan on pumping the fsb to 800mhz then the 1600mhz ddr3 ram would be best.

And If you are a mild gamer then 1333 will do.


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RAM and Mhz: which to consider?



Thanks for asking us.

Dear both things are important.

RAM is the name of a hardware component where as the Mhz is the speed or clock speed of the RAM.

Both things have mush importance to maintain a computer for high performance.

I suggest you to get a Ram with maximum bus speed but the speed should be compatible with the motherboard’s bus speed.

If you have motherboard with 1333 Mhz speed so it is recommended to use 1333 Mhz bus speed ram.

Otherwise many problems will be generated later.

I hope you understood what I said.


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