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I'm trying to learn all the ins-and-outs of many things. After being dumped down by an iPhone for the past few years, I find myself puzzled by the simplest things. This time it's about  the Google chat function. How do I get in? I'm apparently signed in 24/7 because I'll have people to chat with me and I'm like, "WTF, why is this happening?" (at least when it first started). But I'd like to get to it so I can sign out, or say that I'm away or  just started chatting.


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Quick question regarding Google Chat


Hi Michealboss,

Good day!  That is one annoying problem that you have.  I just want to make sure that I fully understand your concern.  

1) From where are you having problems accessing Google Talk (chat)? My assumption is through your iPhone.  Please correct me if I may be wrong.  Are you using any 3rd-party application to access it?

2) Once that first problem is resolved, you need to be able to sign out from the application.

For point 1 regarding access:

> The simplest way you can try is to login to your Gmail account https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?service=mail&passive=true&rm=false&continue=https://mail.google.com/mail/&ss=1&scc=1&ltmpl=default&ltmplcache=2&emr=1&osid=1#

> You can also try https://support.google.com/chat/

> Worst case, please review details from the Google Talk website itself on ways to access chat.

For point 2:

> If you logged in via your Gmail account, on the left side of your window you will find about midway the Chat pane.  There is a dropdown there where you can opt to Sign Out.  If you are still showing as Online even if you have signed out, what you can try to do is to change your status instead to Invisible.

I have scoured the internet to check for some info regarding Point 2.  I found out that several users have the same issue as you do wherein they are always showing as Online in Google Talk.  Please note that these are suggestions that worked for some folks that you may want to try out as well.  Most of them had issues because of using a 3rd-party application (eBuddy/Fring).

Make sure you are signed out in all devices and all sessions are closed.  You can easily do this through your GMail account.  At the lower right side portion you will find the Last Account Activity.  Click on that and you will find all your open sessions in all devices and sign out.

Try to change your password.  Wait for a couple hours or more and all your sessions should be reset.  

Logout of your account.  Login to another person's account, if you know a friend who can help you with that. Login to your account again and you should not be online anymore.

Hope these info help!



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