Questions of Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 3.0

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I have some questions related to MOSS 3.0, not on WSS (windows share point).

  • What field(s) does SPS list use to identify an email as part of an existing thread?
  • Is it possible to create a new email and somehow tag it, so that it attaches to a specific thread (and does not create a new thread)?
  • Is there a way to configure SPS via a list workflow to attach an email to a thread if it contains a specific string in an email subject?

We have a ticket tracking system which assigns 9 unique digit numbers. What do you think? Is it nice if I could have any email with the number '123456789' attached to an existing thread with subject number 123456789 or do I just need to create a new one?

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Questions of Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 3.0


I will be giving you the answer to your questions in the order you have posted them. So let’s start with the first one

  • There is a small variable that is being stored in the session for every user whenever the user log into the website from his account. The list then compares the entered email address and checks if it is still present. If it is there then it thinks that it is part of the thread.
  • No. This is not possible in the way you are trying to say. However you can set the number of threads per user who joins your site to be 1. So that every user can create only 1 thread. However it requires additional amount of coding if you want to attach another user thread to another user.
  • This is somewhat possible. You must always keep in mind the array that you are using to store the workflow of the list. One you know the first pointer of the array it will create an immense list and then you can attack the required email addresses to the specified threads.

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