Questions of basic operations of Computer

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Today I have to make  ten different  sets of questions.  I tried on Google. There are no such site for questions. So anybody please help me, where I can found questions for basic operation of computer. 

Thank you in advance.

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Questions of basic operations of Computer


Hello Kurtt,

 For starters, let's read this article here.

To further understand basic computer operations, here's some points:

  1.   A computer can receive information.
  2.   A computer can put out information.
  3.   A computer can perform arithmetic.
  4.   A computer can assign a value to a variable or memory location.
  5.   A computer can compare two variables and select one of two alternative actions.
  6.   A computer can repeat a group of actions.

 I hope you get the general idea how computer works now. But that's not it. Have a look at this image:


 Central processing unit processes all incoming information. It is the heard of computer.

 I hope I made a point.

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