Questions about web pages and HTML5 and uses of it

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Can you enlighten me and provide concise answer to my questions? What are the different server types? What are the different protocol types? Can you please describe it on-by-one? Can you please provide me what are the different types of top-level domain? What is the purpose of this level domain? Can you provide me few list of country domain that is different from its abbreviation? What is W3 Consortium? What are their functions in web? Please help me I need this in my internet certification course. Thank you!

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Questions about web pages and HTML5 and uses of it



        The Html is one of the core technology, markup based language used to present and structuring of the world wide web.

        The final completion has been ended in October 2014. The fifth version of html standard is world wide web consortium.

        The previous version was html 4 launched by 1997. The main aim is to improve the language and latest multimedia access for easily readable by humans understood by computer devices and personal computers.

        There are many features in html 5 also potential candidates for mobile applications. The html 5 has built the consideration of low powered devices such as tablets and smartphones.

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