Question regarding computer BIOS flashing

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What is BIOS software?Where in the BIOS software stays-is it in the hard drive or motherboard? Can I change my BIOS software without changing  whole configuration of my personal computer? What does it mean by "flashing the BIOS? When flashing the Bios is necessary?

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Question regarding computer BIOS flashing


BIOS is basic input/output system. BIOS is a software program that can determine how your computer work without accessing any programs. BIOS has definite codes that can handle keyboard, serial communication etc.

BIOS software stays inside the ROM of your computer.

BIOS is actually a program that also include boot strap program & yes you can upgrade your BIOS software.

Flashing BIOS is when you want to remove your previous version of BIOS & install the new BIOS software, but the process is not like normal software.

There are several reasons when you need to flash your BIOS:

1) If you want to change your processor.

2) If you want to change your Hard Drive. 

3) BIOS flashing also required to fix some major bugs also.

Hope this help you to find your desired information.


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Question regarding computer BIOS flashing


BIOS or Basic input / output system is a device in a computer that boot up the computer it is used for some major memory element in your computer. It is used to store some of date which is used to operate your computer. As computer requires to install a window to operate in such a way a BIOS is used to run some components of your computer so that they come alive and run on your computer. Such as BIOS control your computer fan speed also some play and plug devices and many other functions like this. BIOS can be replaced with a new one if you need to fix them. Flashing of BIOS is to flash the previous memory and install new programs in the memory. If you need to flash you BIOS then you must need to consult a technician for this purpose.

I hope that this is a clear view of BIOS i can present and it will help you a lot in making your mind clear.

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