Question Regarding Canon Printer Problem

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I know you guys usually just talk about the hardware that is in your case, but I just came across a problem with my Canon Printer. The printer stopped printing Black colors from the cartridge. I did a bunch of nozzle cleanings and even a couple deep cleans.

Still things were not right. Now, I just realized that even though the printer was telling me the ink tank was full it was actually empty. I am not real knowledgeable of printers but I took out the cartridge an looked at it.

Since they are clear I was able to see the ink in them. It appears to be completely out but I am not sure if I am looking in the right spot. There is a front compartment and then there is a bigger compartment that looks like a sponge is in there.

Which part of the cartridge do I look at? What would cause the printer to report the amount of ink incorrectly? It is an MP600 that has separate ink colors.


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Question Regarding Canon Printer Problem


First of all you need to reinstall the printer Software, I think that is corrupted or some files may be missing. Ensure that all added software in the driver CD are removed from the PC before reinstalling including registry values to avoid any future conflict. After installing drivers update it to the latest version.

Then check for Ink levels in the printer. If that reveal the cartridges are out of ink remove them. Cartridges can be checked for ink by looking at their ink out. If it is dry and solid your cartridge has finished.

You can confirm that by bringing them to a cartridge refilling agent. It’s hard to describe the internal design of this all in one printer because of complexity.

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Question Regarding Canon Printer Problem


First you remove the software from your computer.

After than reinstall it so that if your software corrupt that it will repair and your ink level will be rechecked .

If your ink has became dry than your ink has been finished.

For that reason you have to buy a new cartridge.

But if you have ink in your cartridge than must be your printer head has been damaged,

and you have to change the head of your printer.


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Question Regarding Canon Printer Problem


Hi Davidbrowne,

I have faced the same problem. I repaired this problem by following method. You can follow this to resolve your problem.

  •     Purchase ethyl-alcohol (70% solution) from any drug store.
  •     Then you have to remove both cartridges from the head of the printer
  •     Then pour the ethyl- alcohol into the paper towel layer
  •     Now set the printer head on the top of the wet towel
  •     Then you have to rub the head to the wet towel.
  •     Then need to pour some ethyl-alcohol into the printer head container

If you would repeat the step 2 or 5 times then it would be better

Then again install the cartridge and check the print nozzle that no dead nozzle is present.

I hope it will resolve your problem.

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