A question about snake toys that make sound.

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A question about snake toys that make sound. Robotics is very popular nowadays in the world for it is the best thing that technology can ever offer to the people. Machine can lessen people’s daily activities and this is an advantage in our side, but I just want to know some idea about the inventors of snake toys that make sound and the whole story of its history. Discuss it with me. I need it for a research project.




Emaily Rawa.

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A question about snake toys that make sound.


My Dear,

Howie Choset is a roboticist who created snake robot. This snake robot can use their internal degree of freedom. This snake robot can perform the following: crawl, squeeze, climb and swim. You can hear the hissing sound of this snakebot as well. These highly articulate devices move and behave like the real snake.

Masters of robotic innovation, entrepreneurs and researchers are the main reason to make the impossible happen in the history of high-technology. The advancement of this intelligent man-made technology would be the biomechanics, software, sensor technology, materials science and computing to create this amazing generations of robotic assistants.

This robot is modeled to human but always the human have the manipulation the way our own PC’s or devices are helping us.

Here is the embedded video that will give you additional information:

Thanks and Good Luck to your research project!


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