Question About Laptop “movement” on Qosmio

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Okay, this is a rather an odd question. Is there anyway to disable the movement sensitivity on the Qosmios? I have a Q893, and whenever I am in a car it is an absolute nightmare! Every single LITTLE bump causes my games to stutter and my music, I am listening to make an odd noise for a sec before resuming.
Now I KNOW that laptop hard drives are made to be used in moving environments. None of my old gaming laptops ever "retracted the head" of the drive for every tiny little bump, and it is making using this laptop in a car really annoying.
Is there anything I can do about this?
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Question About Laptop “movement” on Qosmio



Open up your laptop and open up the operating system. Make sure you can observe the task bar and click the icon that looks like a disk. It will then say HDD protection. Next, open up Qosmio and click settings in the program.
After you click settings, you can set the level to normal or low. If you really want to deal with the situation you can turn it OFF on the protection level.
You currently had your settings on Level 3 which makes it very sensitive so by setting it to a lower setting should make the music and games to run smoothly in the car.

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