Question about going through up to down mouse in laptop

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When I use my laptop all of its are OK.

But my mouse goes through from up to down all the time.

I have used a antivirus software but no virus I have found.

What can I do now for solving this problem?

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Question about going through up to down mouse in laptop


Mouse pointer moving around the desktop

I have never encountered this issue for so many years of using laptop but I have encountered this issue by using desktop computer.

You have not mentioned in your posted issue what is the mouse particularly you are using when the issue occurs. It is important for us to know the particular hardware is in trouble.

If the mouse is just a USB mouse which is connected into your computer, try of using a solid black or anything that is dark mouse pad. Do not use glossy papers or a high contrast mouse pad. Better to use dark color and not light reflecting material as a mouse pad.

If the solution given above still not work or does not solve the problem, try this one. Move your mouse to another USB port in your laptop.

One more solution is to clean your mouse entry for the Optical part of your mouse. Clean with tissue paper not cotton.

Problem still exists, purchase a new mouse.

If your mouse mentioned is your laptop’s touch pad, try to clean the touch pod with flannel cloth or a soft tissue napkin. Softly clean the touch pad.

Check the touch pad from scratches, scratches sometimes may cause the automatic movement of the mouse. If there you found some scratches better to bring your laptop on the service center nearest you and ask to repair your mouse pad.  Or the worst of all scenarios purchase a new mouse.

The lowest probability for this issue is to try removing the mouse driver and install with the driver comes in your mouse packaging. If you don’t have one, try to search on the internet and download the latest driver that is compatible with you operating system.

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Question about going through up to down mouse in laptop


Are you referring to an external mouse or the computer’s touchpad or the trackstick?

If you are referring to a mouse, try using it in a different system and see if it does the same thing.

If it does you need to have the mouse replaced as it is already broken.

If it doesn’t, try updating your computer’s drivers and adjust the Mouse settings from the Control Panel.

If you are referring to the touchpad or the trackstick, make sure you palms or fingers don’t touch it when you are typing.

You can also try and disable it and see if it solves the problem.

Update touchpad/trackstick drivers as well.

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