Qubee wimax net connection speed down

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I am Rashedul islam from Bangladesh. I got many solutions from this site. Now I have a problem that’s why I am share with you all. I am using Qubee wimax internet connection. I used an unlimited package with speed 512kbps. But after using 15 days my internet speed slow down. I was happy with the first time speed. But now I become so upset.

What is the main problem?



suggest me please

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Qubee wimax net connection speed down



Hello Rashedul islam.  I can feel your problem.  Speed down of net connection is really boring. After your submitting this question, I had research to solve it, and I got a solution.

For you qubee unlimited package there is a hidden condition, you might know. After existing 30GB your internet speed slow down. After end of the month when you will active for again unlimited package you will get full speed.  Up to 30GB you will get full speed, when it over speed will slow down.

For more please go there: http://www.qubee.com.bd/support

Hope you will get you answer.

Thank You.  

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Qubee wimax net connection speed down


Glad that you know the Internet package and services you signed up for. An Internet speed of 512 kbps should average closed to 400 kbps and up for download speed.

Eliminating all the possible cause why the Internet connection slowed down. You may need to check in your end first before complaining and calling the Internet Service Provider.

* Try Optimized your browser, clear all cached file, cookies and history
* Go to Tools, Internet Options and Delete all the browsing history
* Ran a speed test, observe the Internet download speed and the ping test
* Use speedtest.net or ask your ISP's speed test website
* Do some trace route in the command prompt, tracert https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl and observe the packets lost and time outs and it should time out after 6 hops

* If it time out after 6 hops, then possible Firewall issue. Lower the firewall settings, check for exceptions and or disabled it
* If there is networking involved, such as router then go by-pass this for a while and ran speed test using just the modem
* Once all tested and still slow, call your ISP and go ahead complain the speed.

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Qubee wimax net connection speed down



Rashed i am assuming you are using 512 kbps sky package.

Qubee has a fair usage policy for every sky package.

The fair usage policy limits the excessive users so that other users don't get hampered.

Your package has a limit of 30GB's.

After 30 GB bandwidth is over the users speed is reduced to 128 kbps.

You can monitor your bandwidth with software like DUmeter

Hope it answers your questions.

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