Quantum Computers: is it reality?

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Is there any body can tell me about “Quantum Computer”. We know normal computers use two values ‘0’ or ‘1’.

But I hear that Quantum Computer will use three values ‘0’, ‘1’ and both ‘0 and 1’. Is it possible or it is just a dream?

If it is possible then please tell me how it will differ from today’s computer how it will work?

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Quantum Computers: is it reality?


Quantum computers are much different than usual computers we know. This computing is still at the beginning and only experimental for now. Such computers will be able to complete tasks much faster than today's computers. Traditional computer's memory is made of bits which means 1 or 0.

Quantum computers are made of qubits where one qubit can be 1 or 0 or any quantum superposition. Quantum computers are more complex than any traditional computer. So far building such computers doesn't go smoothly and there are many difficulties. Many believe that quantum computing is a most important discovery so far .

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