Purple tint on photos persists after firmware update

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Hi there,

I have HTC one which has a camera issue of shooting Photos with a  purple tint , the problem is  persisting after updating to 4.4.2 which I thought should solve this, How do I get this camera working well? Anybody else with this problem?

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Purple tint on photos persists after firmware update


This is a camera error that causes images to be purple or even red during captures. Avoid shooting in low-light conditions which is one way to prevent getting the unwanted colour. Before using your camera, check that it’s not too hot as it is said that this may make effect your picture. However, by making a small twist in your setting this problem may temporarily solve.
Try to set your saturation and exposure level to 1.And if saturation level 1 is too much for your picture, then set it to -0.5.
Your picture may look good with a combination of saturation -2 and contrast +2. Make purple hint to white by setting the saturation -2 and contrast 0.Do’t set saturation to +2 as this make a red hue to your picture.
Set the ISO mode level to 100. And if you see pinkish hue then set the saturation level to -2 and retaining ISO 100.
If you find that the problem still persists, then there may be a hardware related issue in your camera. You connect with your HTC repair center who will properly guide you.

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