Prototyper folder fails to save

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Hi. I created a project on Prototyper 5.1 and then I made a folder and gave it a name. Then I saved my project but I am getting an error message as shown below. I have one folder named foobar. First project I saved the same way and there was no error. Could I be missing a point?

Error message:

Some folders could not be saved correctly due to some unsupported data. Check you are using XML – supported characters.

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Prototyper folder fails to save


I think we have the same problem when saving some stuff though I’m not using the same application as yours. I also encountered that problem a lot when copying some texts from Wikipedia to get some information about Metallica, my favorite band. I’m trying to save some information about their album from the site.

When I paste the texts in AkelPad, similar to notepad, and then save it in plain text I see an unsupported character when viewing the whole text composition using Servant Salamander. The unsupported character always falls on hyphen “-” and with “…”. They were all displayed in one black square character as if it was an ASCII character. See image.

In the image, it should display “Master of Puppets and …And Justice for All” but instead it displays a black square character. I think this is your problem because when you save your folder, the name should support plain text characters as with the standard Unicode symbols. If you create the folder’s name by composing it first from Microsoft Office Word then copying and pasting it to your application, then that’s the problem.

You can fix it by renaming the folder and then manually typing the folder’s name instead of copying and pasting it from other application.

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