Protecting the Eye from Effect of Touch-Screen Smartphone Images

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I am concern that electronic devices such as touch-screens can have a negative effect on our eyes. I would like someone to help me find ways and means of proving this assertion. Do you know if the quality of the images or videos on a touch-screen smartphone can have a detrimental effect on our eyes? What screen resolution is best for clear and better images which will not affect the human eye? Which smartphones do not appear to have good screen resolution?

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Protecting the Eye from Effect of Touch-Screen Smartphone Images

Hi there,
It seems that you are very concerned about the resolution of the display in the case of harming your eye, but what matters more is actually the brightest.Nowadays, most smartphones have quite good resolutions, so that should not be a headache for you. Here I give you some of the ways to protect your eyes:
1 Adjust your screen's brightness Your brightness should be more or less the same as the brightness of your surroundings.
2 Adjust the text size and contrast for your comfort This is very important, especially while reading. The best is black texts on white background.
3 Blink more frequently
Blinking moistens your eyes and prevents them from drying 
4 Frequent breaks should be taken while using your device 5 And of course, having regular eye check needs to be done

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