Protected HTTP streaming (PHS) problem

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Here is a question on "Protected HTTP streaming (PHS)." The subsequent tests are performed in FMS4.5.
•SWF verification by ".whitelist"
•Domain attestation by "crossdomain.xml"
When the need for an "f4m" file is established by the server of FMS4.5, You would like to integrate client verification exceptionally excluding the above-mentioned technique, how possible is this?
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Protected HTTP streaming (PHS) problem


Hallo Cedrich,

The main purpose of protected http streaming is to prevent unauthorized access of the digital content. You can also use the mutual authentication which will allow both positive identification of the clients and allow the clients the chance to identify the services to which they are connected.

It will come in handy especially when you have to interface WCF services, since in that case it is possible for the attacker to spoof the service and then get hold of the calls from the client so as to reveal sensitive data that belongs to a certain company or organization.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu

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