Protect Your PC Against virus: Check A Website For Malware

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Hi. Though I have an antivirus installed in my PC, it is not working properly from a few days because the PC has slowed down and I cannot even find out the reason why. Whenever I put the computer on full scan, it does not show any abnormalities either nor does it report a problem-related to the websites I visit. Can you please suggest me a way to check a website for malware? Thanks in advance.

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Protect Your PC Against virus: Check A Website For Malware


Hi. I think if the files in your PC are not infected then it is pretty much evident that it is probably due to the websites that you visit which is hindering the performance of the PC. To check a website for malware there some tools available online these days such as virus total. Virus total is an online tool which helps to assess the website that you want to visit and then accordingly displays if it is safe for you to access it or not. In addition to websites, it can also check files, scan them and display the results if required. To use virus total-

1) Visit the website and open the virus total homepage

2) Click on file if you wish to browse files from the PC and scan them or click on URL in case you wish to type in the name of the website which needs to be checked

3) You can also click on search in case you do not know the exact address or website name. You can search it by typing in the domain name, IP address, etc.

4) By clicking on search it, it will mean that you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the website

5) The results will be displayed.

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