Protect certain parts of the form in Word 2003

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You are required to make a form in Word 2003. You require certain parts of the form to be protected against made by the end user and certain part to be editable.

How could you achieve this?
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Protect certain parts of the form in Word 2003


In word 2003 you can Protect One Page from changes in a Word Document and have the facility to apply the changes on remaining pages.

First of all make the sections in the document.

  • On the first page put the cursor to the top
  • Click on insert then selects break
  • Select continuous break and then click ok.
  • Now put the cursor on the bottom of the page or at the end of section and do the same again as above.

To protect the pages you have to Insert section breaks before and after each page. If there are more sections to be protected Then do the same for each section.

Click on the tools menu and then protects document. You can edit the restrictions in option available in the menu. Click in the check box of "allow only this type of editing in the document".
Below the fill-in forms box click on “select sections”.  Click on each section to protect it in the section box. Then click on “yes, start enforcing protection” and enter the password in giving boxes.

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Protect certain parts of the form in Word 2003


Yes you can protect only certain part of the Form created in a Word document. For this you, the parts that need to be protected alone has to be created in a separate section.

  • Using the Insert menu, select the Break Section option to create section breaks. This will create a separate section in the form.
  • After separate section is created, go to Tools menu, click Protect Document.
  • In the pop up screen, just uncheck the section of the Form that does not need protection.
  • Click Yes, Start Enforcing Protection.
  • Also please ensure that you are providing enough form filling option by performing the following steps.
  • Under the Editing restrictions, select the Allow only this type of editing in the document check box, and then click Filling in forms in the list of editing restrictions.

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