Pros and cons blackberry OS v7

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I've heard new BlackBerry Operating system V7. What are pros and cons in the new operating system? I'm using Curve 9500. Can my phone upgrade to V7? and if so, how to upgrade to newer operating system? What tools do we need?

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Pros and cons blackberry OS v7



  • Screen : Trying to compete with Apples screen couldn't have been an easy task, but RIM has appeared to have done the job. The screen resolution is breathtaking, Mark Tauschek, senior research analyst at Info-Tech Research Group, said. Half VGA, 480-by-320 resolution, and a really dense pixel per inch ratio. It's really gorgeous. Ryan Reith, senior research analyst at IDC Corp., said the screen will certainly be a huge initial attraction for prospective buyers of the device and called it crisper and clear than anything on the market today.
  • Web browser : While still lagging behind the iPhone, Bold features a solid Web browser which allows users to pull either the WAP or full version of any Web site out there. If you're using WiFi, you can pull up a full version of any site and get and overview of it, Reith said. There is a short cut key that will zoom in or reformat the page if needed.
  • On-board memory: For BlackBerry users looking to take advantage of media files, the Bold will comes equipped with a 128 MB Flash memory drive and 1 GB of on-board storage memory. Some BlackBerry users in the past were having issues with their call logs and text messages being wiped out when low on internal memory, Reith said. RIM upped it to 1 GB, which is three times what it's offered in the past. The handheld also comes with a microSD/SDHC memory card slot.


  • Battery life: Even though the iPhone has stronger Web browsing capabilities than the Bold, its BlackBerry counterpart does have the Apple device beat in the battery department. Unfortunately, not by a very large margin. It's not as good as the Curve, which I could use consistently for two days without recharging, Reith said. With the Bold, you need to get it on the charger every night.
  • Scratch resistance: The lack of a touch-screen hasn't made the Bold resistant to heavy scratching, according to Info-Techs Tauschek. While the screen is really gorgeous it's plastic, as opposed to the iPhone screen, which is laser cut glass, he said It will get scratched up on you and you're probably going to want to have a screen protector on it
  • Operating system: In spite of some minor upgrades, Tauschek said, the BlackBerry OS is starting to show its age. The fact remains that it's still a 10 year old OS, he said. When you compare it to something like an iPhone that has Mac OS X as it's operating system, you'll see it has a lot of catching up to do.
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Pros and cons blackberry OS v7


This is What i was really looking for…

PROS and CONS of  V7 of blackberry OS.

Anyway thank you so much for the answer. I was planning to buy an blackberry smartphone with v7 OS


Thanks you so much james!

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