Property owner is not available for Database

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I am in our remote office to install a database similar to head office. My installation of Microsoft SQL ended successfully.

I restored the  database into the server.

When I was about to do some queries to input some branch identity, an error message box was displayed in my screen that tells me I don't have any rights.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express

Cannot show requested dialog.

Additional information:

Cannot show requested dialog. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Express.SqlMgmt)

Property owner is not available for Database ‘[WSS_Content]’. The property may not exist for this object, or may not be retrievable due to insufficient access rights.


I am using a system administrator account in logging in, but I am wondering, this database is same from the head office that runs for sometime and I can log-in using the system administrator account. As I understand my log-in account has all the rights,

Please share some views on my issue.


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Property owner is not available for Database



The error is due to the fact that the owner of this database is NULL. Change the Database owner to an existing user and you should be able to see the database properties.

The Database Owner value changes to NULL because the Windows Account was removed from the Active Directory, without changing the DBOwner for the database for which this account was holding the ownership. This usually happens when a and the database owner is not changed accordingly.

Hope this will give you the answer and solve the issue.


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