Properly use of smart projects isobuster?

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Smart Projects’ IsoBuster is a Computer program that usually used for data recovering. It can help us recover data from damaged disk drives, flash drives and others. But there is one problem with using it. It seems to me that I am bit struggling using it. So guys, how to use it properly? What are the other features of Smart Projects IsoBuster?


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Properly use of smart projects isobuster?


The smart project isobuster is a computer program or data recovery tool that is used  to recover data from CD,DVD,BD,HDD,USB,SD,SDD,flash drive and media card

The following are simple steps to follow to be able to use the smart projects isobuster

1. Start up isobuster

2. Insert CD,DVD

3. Select he drive and let isobuster mount the media, isobuster will show all track and sessions which are located on the media and all file systems that are present

4. View all files and folders on the file system

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Properly use of smart projects isobuster?


"Follow these easy steps to get better results:

1. Open the IsoBuster then choose and select the drive you want to use. But if you are using a CD or DVD, it is better to use a writer where you can really write in the type of device you are using.

2. Wait a few minutes until the scanner is finished then IsoBuster will show you all the files found to your drive.

3. When you found the files or folders that you want to recover, you can now select and extract that.

Note: there are some cases that you wouldn't see the files you are looking for but don't worry because you can actually use ""Search"".

Some features of IsoButer:

1. Your CD will stay readable after the problems.

2. Can support a multiple Mac Partitions on one medium.

3. It will scan the files based on their file signature.

4. Can find lost pictures and can save to CD with different digital cameras.

5. Give updates if there is a new version released.

6. Support the extraction of Audio recordings and tracks."

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