Progressively increasing boot times on an iMac/Snow Leopard system

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I would like to share with you a problem that I’m facing with my Snow Leopard on an iMac. My problem lies in the fact that my boot times are continually growing longer and longer. It's 35 sec (without unusual HDD) at fresh set up or after washing PRAM. After 3 periods now it's 50-60 sec. Prior to my finding out the PRAM strategy, it was 90-120 sec. There is also an unusual HDD scrawling at start-up, which I am unable to interpret. The new symbolizes the desktop showing up with the options. The 2nd time is the actual start-up finish, when the HDD stops scrawling, and I can finally start a google website. Also, when I bring up PRAM, I decrease nothing but the start-up quantity; which also gets fixed by the OsX at 1st start.

So, can I have the PRAM or any exclusive element of it (I'll just evaluate if that helps) immediately eliminated at closing or starting? It would even be superior to bringing it up once in every 1-2 periods; but, if it's a system, I can adjust it own my own. I hope for a suggestion from you and would like to thank you for your time.

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Progressively increasing boot times on an iMac/Snow Leopard system




I understand that your iMac is taking a while to load at start. We will try to check if you have a lot of programs on your startup. Your startup time is being eaten up by a program.  To check, please follow the steps:

-You open System Preferences, Accounts. You highlight your user name and then click on Login Items. If there are a lot of programs, you remove some of them. Removing them will not harm your iMac.

-Now click on the Finder. Navigate to Macintosh HD/Library/StartupItems. If there are items listed, please remove some of them.

-If you are running an antivirus, make sure that it is properly configured so that it won’t automatically scan when the computer starts up

After doing all the steps, restart the computer and check if it helps.

If the same issue, run your antivirus because it may be caused by a virus.

Hope you will find this helpful.


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