Programming using MySQL and Oracle problem

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I would like to know whether it is possible to create temporary MYSQL table like that in SQL Server and Oracle using PL/SQL language.

Will it affect the data fetching speed or time?

Please guide me because im newbie on this…

Thank you…

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Programming using MySQL and Oracle problem


MySQL has that same feature of Oracle and SQL Server. Views can be used to have or can act as a virtual table to display records, it stores queries and when called up, it displays a result set.

If you will compare “Views” in querying from a database to call up table or a list of tables to have a resultant based from the query. Views can also refer from other views that have been created and you can also alter views or drop views with the syntax “ALTER VIEW” and “DROP VIEW”. Views also use joins, union and subqueries.

An image showing how to create a simple View:


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Programming using MySQL and Oracle problem


Yes we can create a temporary MYSQL tables.

Temporary tables are used to save temporary data; Temporary tables can last as long as the session is alive.

We make use of temporary tables when it is not possible to retrieve all data that you required one select statement or when you want to work with subset of the same, large result set over several successive operations.

To create a temporary table we just need to add temporary key work into the table creating syntax.


Create [Temporary] table [IF not existing] table _name

(Create definition,…)

[Table _option]

[Partition _option]

No, using a temporary table doesn’t affect data fetching time or speed but it even saves your time and efforts in a great way.

Basically temporary tables are supported in MYSQL 3.23 and later.

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