The program WINPROJ.EXE has encountered a serious problem

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When I was at the office I am using Microsoft Project to manage our projects. When I was on the process of updating the file, the error message box appeared with a message that it encountered a serious problem.

When I saw the error message, I don't have any other choice was to click on the close button, after which MS Project closed, I restarted my computer and re booted it again, when I started MS Project there was no error, I am back with my work, but suddenly same error appeared.

Do I need to re-install MS Project or are there any other solution?

Please give some advice.

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The program WINPROJ.EXE has encountered a serious problem


Your Antivirus may not be updated that it gives your error from updating. Update your Antivirus and scan your computer. This way updating can be properly executed. If not, your Registry Entry is also affected. You have to re-install your Microsoft Project.

  • Uninstall your Microsoft Project.
  • Download a Registry Cleaner.
  • Clean your Registry Entry. This way it ensures that no error or problem during your next installation.
  • Restart your computer.
  • After it restarts, now you can install your Microsoft Project and update it.
  • Be sure that no virus from your computer is found (viruses stop your updating process to be properly executed).
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The program WINPROJ.EXE has encountered a serious problem


Hi good evening,

I read the issue about the error occurred in your during the opening of file. This is cause of hardware failures and virus attacks to user mistake and ignoring the basic data protection. By the way I will give the website and read the instruction carefully, download the recovery tools.

Here is the link.

Good luck and hope you can do it.



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