Program becomes unusable in beta testing in low priority.

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Linux users would like to run large background jobs that use most of the memory of machine but at low priority,so that they don't interfere with higher priority processes that run the user interface code. But in beta testing,this does not seems to work, no matter how long the priority of the background processes. The user interface become unusable and sluggish and remain so. How can this problem can be fixed?

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Program becomes unusable in beta testing in low priority.



Linux operating system was designed for that. So it will act like that. But you can change it and make it faster than before in many ways.

One option is to control background process. By using some utility software you can control background process. You also can stop some unnecessary process for free more memory. There are many utilities software in the market or website for Linux. Use them to control and stop some background process.

Other option is to use small amount of module. At the time of starting Linux it takes load a lot of module. Remove unnecessary module to control this feature. 

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