Process/Steps in Active-sync on Android

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Good day to all…

Is there anyone know the process / steps in general so that I can work properly for active-sync on android and to register any person. Please let me know if any change required.

Here's the list of questions i made:


1. How a person registered if he/she want to use the account for active sync on android mobile. 
2. After registration I changed the username. I removed space from the first and last name. Do I need it always to do? 
3. I always mention the internet address as “[email protected]” do I need to do always? Is it ok if I want to use that account as active sync, and specify the address as “[email protected]”? 
4. If I want to set up it as real organizations do, for this propose is the lotus domino server with SSL support necessary to configure?
5. With same first and last name, how two persons can be registered?
Here's also the list of steps/procedure and correct me if im wrong:
Steps are here that I follow:
1. Go to “people” and “groups” tab. Right click, select “register person”
2. On the screen, input first name “hello” and last name “world”
3. Automatically the short name will be taken “hworld”. (Do I need to change it?)
4. To set password, click on the button, select “set internet password” and press ok
5. Click the advanced tab, then new options will be populated. On the “mail” tab keep everything defaults selected.
6. On the “address” tab specify address as “[email protected]” 
7. “ID info” tab click on the option "In file" 
8. In “groups” the person added as a part of all groups (no group added by me all are default groups)
9. Click “register”.
Please do comment, clarification…
Thanks a lot…
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Process/Steps in Active-sync on Android


Hallo Alfon,

I do not think there is much to change in the procedure for synchronization that you have given because each step seems to be just right. Although I should point out that you may find that the procedure may differ a little bit depending on the device that you are using.

And by that I mean that you may find that the procedure for syncing an apple iphone will not be same as that for syncing a nokia phone, and therefore you will just need to follow the right procedure depending on the gadget that you will be using, customizing a few things here and there in the main procedure that you have given.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung


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Process/Steps in Active-sync on Android


Hi Alfon, 

I think all your procedure you described is correct , i assume that you have tried it. You can get help of certain forums, forums was very useful for me in cases like this which i experienced myself, it helps us to find very easily because its not just answers but experience from the people.

Try searching in Google for more details regarding the clarification because there might be exactly the steps for doing that which you can easily find out without any problems .

And please note to update your application regularly cause updating can make it lot easier because the manufacturer fixes not only just bugs put also the problems and user friendliness increase.

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