Problems with Windows Vista SP2 Updates

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Hi there, I am using Dell Inspiron laptop and MS Windows Vista together with SP2 is running on it.

I encounter a problem with Windows Updates so that I search some suggestions in several forums.  Some suggestions are tried and I understand that I can use a program called Hijact This or HJT to fix my situation. 

However I have no idea how to run this HJT and I prepare to begin the installation from scratch.

Can anyone has any suggestions how to begin?  Please help and thank you very much.

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Problems with Windows Vista SP2 Updates



"HijackThis" is simply a tool which checks all the programs or applications that are running on your computer. It is used to identify if your computer is being infected by viruses or other malicious software.
"HijackThis" can also help in finding out if a certain program or application that is installed on your computer is working as it should.
"HijackThis" does not solve any problems in your computer especially about Windows Updates. Again, It is simply a log of what is currently running on your machine.
Now about your question, what problem are you exactly having? You failed to specify what kind of problem you are having with the Windows Updates. If you can tell us the exact difficulty you are experiencing with the updates, it would be very helpful.
If you cannot update your Windows installation, you can download the necessary updates that you are having a problem with.
Try this:
  1. Click Start.
  2. Go to Control Panel.
  3. Click System.
  4. Go to Automatic Updates.
  5. Turn  the updates On.
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Problems with Windows Vista SP2 Updates

Have you registered your Windows while you were installing the window. That's the major issue. Sometimes the unregistered windows can't be updated.
If your Windows are registered and it's still having a problem then check in your security alerts and update alerts from the menu bar on the right side. If you are having a problem in doing that, then follow these instructions. 
Go to My computer (right click) > Properties > Automatic update > recommended it as automatic and cancel the notify on each update and also be careful while shutting down the computer after installing the updates which was recently downloaded from the internet.

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