Problems on upgrade to MobileMe.

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I do have some problems with my iCloud. Since I upgraded from MobileMe, I cannot view some notes on my calendar.

Lotus Notes won’t allow me to read my appointments through iPhone and iMac.

I can’t find any solution in the internet. Please help me find solution on this. 

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Problems on upgrade to MobileMe.


Hello Marky Cielo,

Any step towards upgrading must also put into consideration the new system that you are upgrading to and the platform that it can work on very well. Icloud service uses the OS X Lion as opposed to the Mobilenet service which can use the iOS 5 and therefore when upgrading fro  mobilenet to icloud you will have to upgrade the apple devices that you are using so that they start using OS X Lion.

Though some devices that use iOS 5 may work with the icloud services, you will not to be able to benefit to the maximum in using the icloud services. You will just have some few gains and therefore you will have to upgrade to OS X Lion to get the full advantage of icloud.

And thus the problem with viewing the calendar notes may happen to be one of the restrictions.


Clair Charles

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