Problems related to win application.

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When I go to run some program or files,my computer shows an error message.

The message is somewhat like this ''C:Program Filesmyprogramprogram.exe is not a valid Win32 application''.

Why this message shows?

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Problems related to win application.


This error is usually caused by an incompatible application. If you installed a software that is not compatible with the computer’s operating system, you are most likely to receive this message. There are applications that do not check the operating system where they are being installed to.

That’s why sometimes after installing a program, it will not work and you will receive this kind of error message. This means that the application is not compatible with the system. You need to find another version that supports the operating system running on the computer.

But there are also applications that automatically check its compatibility with the operating system during the installation. The setup wizard will automatically abort the process and will inform you with a message that it is not compatible with the operating system.

But if you manually launched an executable file (.exe) located in one of the installation folder inside C:Program Files and you accidentally get this message, in this case, it means that the file can’t be launched separately. This file is usually called by another program that’s why it can not be opened manually. It is only a component executable file of the software.

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