Problems with IBM 6500 printer

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I need to print 237 wide characters in an IBM 6500 printer. For doing this, do I have to do any setting adjustments in the printer?

The same printing task is perfectly done by IBM 6400 and IBM 4230.

But the IBM 6500 prints the character at 10 cpi and the data on one line prints in one and half line.

Please give some ideas

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Problems with IBM 6500 printer


Yes, you must adjust some settings of your printer because IBM 6500 has a quite difference in settings in terms of printing wide characters than IBM 6400 and IBM 4230.

Please use this as your guide:

First of all, you must check some items of your IBM 6500 printer most specially on its hardware configuration.

Here's what will you check:
1. You must ensure to set the paper width to 264 or 13.2 inches at 20 cpi (if the cpi is not 20 then set it to 20).
2. You must DISABLE all the items at the HOST COMMAND settings.
3. Save it in a Custom set.
4. Select POWER ON as default settings for the Custom set.
5. Also in select the Custom set at the RESET CMD CFG LOAD. If ever it doesn't work, then it could be the 
factory default settings will be loaded.
6. Check the page size of the PRTF that are being used.
7. The minimum Font value for CPI that has 237 characters is at 13.2 wide paper
that will be 237 divided by 13.2 =~ 18cpi.
8. And with 16.7 cpi the paper should be 237 divided by 16.7 and that is
about 14.2 inches.
9. At PRTF settings I recommend that it should be 10 inch-long and 13.2
inch-wide paper.
Some of things you must consider:
Printer device type:  DEVTYPE*IPDS
Page size: PAGESIZE
Page length: 80
Page width: 237
Measurement method: *ROWCOL
Lines per inch: CPI 18
Character per inch: OVRFLW 78

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