Problems in Harddrive when it formatted

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If hard drive is affected by a virus then it needs to be formatted in extreme cases but after formatting when I re-install the OS and partition it, I have lost some memory space though it is negligible.

Where has all this memory gone?

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Problems in Harddrive when it formatted


Hello Ashiq Rashul,

Well normally when doing partitions like C and D, there is a loss of memory that needs extra space on a computer. Just for instance when saving files in C and D much better you have some extra space or else the computer would be running slow even if those files are enough to stay. 

It is needed that extra memory be set, as it would be used by other things that we don't see in a computer running.


You got like 120G memory and you are about to do partition.

– C = 60G

– D = 50 G

– Loss memory = 10G

In some instances that might save your computer.



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Problems in Harddrive when it formatted


The most common scenario for this is, that the operating system itself is using the drive. For example you can't FORMAT C: if Windows itself resides on or is using C:. The only way to format a drive in use by the system, is to reboot, usually from floppy, so the system isn't running.

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Problems in Harddrive when it formatted



First you need to check the hard drive, if it is damaged and whatever information written on the damaged portions either it is corrupted or maybe unreadable.  Check for any bad sectors on the computer or maybe the reformatting the hard disk the bad sector can address the problem quickly.

Make sure you are mindful of the state of the hard disk when you formatted. Reformatting the hard disk, to clean up the disk space or maybe to reorient the disk from partition to accommodate other data. If not, maybe you have always reformatted your hard disk, so that the memory of your hard disk was damaged or either way, simply corrupt or may just simply unreadable.

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