Problems creating a domain in an existing network

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hey guys,

I have a Windows Server 2003 OS  with a SP2 for my machine and recently joined a network to run my computer as  a server. I have been trying to create a new domain on my network.  Specifically a child domain in the already existing network but I keep getting this warning sign;

Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard

The operation failed because:

-A domain controller could not be contacted for the domain testenv.local that contained an account for this computer. Make the computer a member of a workgroup then rejoin the domain before retrying the promotion.

“The specific domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.”

Do you have an idea on how I can go ahead and bypass this problem?

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Problems creating a domain in an existing network


Hi there Muchacho,

I have read your question keenly and I understand the predicament you are having as you joined a network and tried to run your computer as a server only to be met by a 'forced stop' end.

Basically when you need to create a child domain you need first to create a domain controller in a domain and the installation of the Active directory.

Domain controllers are basically used to store directory data and management of user interactions in your network. Domain controllers are created by use of the Active Directory Installation Wizard. This wizard will install and configure domain controllers which will enable network users and computer access the Active Directory service.

Steps of creating a DC is as follows:
Click Start – Run – Type the word 'dcpromo' and click OK. The Active Directory Installation Wizard appears. Click Next.
On the window that appears check on the 'Domain Controller for a new domain' option and if checked by default leave it that way and click next
On the window that appears check 'Domain in a new forest' option
On the next window that appears type the name of your new domain. An example can be like muchachotech.local. Click next.
On the next window that shows the default selection as the NETBIOS name of the domain click next.
Here in this window there are two options where you asked where you want to store the AD(Active Directory) which is advisable to store it on separate hard disks.

In the next window you are given some explanation about the SYSVOL folder which stores the server's copy of the domain's public files. You are required to select the location to save the folder but you can still save it in the default location 'C drive'. Click next.
Select the second option i.e 'Install and configure the DNS server on this computer, and set this computer to use this DNS server as its preferred DNS server'. (Selecting this option is enabling the domain name you created to be reachable). Click next. I assume that there are no other window servers will be accessing this domain.  If so check or keep the default selection on 'Permissions compatible only with windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 operating systems' option and click next.
Input the password of your choice that is required on the 'Restore Mode Password' space. Confirm password. (Put in mind that this password should never be forgotten since it could save a failed server).
Review and confirm the options you selected. Click next.
On this window, the wizard will configure Active Directory a process that may take a while.
On the window that appears you will be prompted to give it a static IP address. Click OK.
In the Local Area Connection properties window, select or click 'Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)' and then properties and click OK.
In the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties select the 'Use the following IP address' option. Assign the IP addresses for your network and click OK.
After a moment you will see a ' Completing the Active Directory Installation Wizard' window. Click finish. There you are with your domain!

Creating a child domain of the existing domain, follow the above procedure except for the 3rd window of the 'Active Directory Installation Wizard' that suggests you to create a new domain (there 3 options there that prompts you to select which type of domain to create).

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Problems creating a domain in an existing network


You have told that you have been using Windows Server 2003 operating system with a SP 2 for your machine and you have joined a team to run your computer as a server. You have tried to create a new domain.  You have got an active directory domain services installation wizard.

Moreover, you said the operation failed.  You cannot bypass your problem and you must rejoin a work group domain.  Again you should make a domain.  You should fix your domain properly then you will be able to obtain your domain.  You may reinstall your Windows 2003 operation.

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