Problem with windows seven network

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Hi all,

I am using Windows 7.

When I start my computer, I see that the Network icon is searching but after sometime, it shows a red sign indicating I have no Internet connection, when I an Internet connection.

After sometime I get a code, 0x80070426 to troubleshoot and this troubleshooter does not start.

Please help me to fix this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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Problem with windows seven network


First of all, look for any virus or corrupt files in your system and try to fix it.

Otherwise do the following procedure to fix your problem. You can also do it from normal mode, but it is better if you do it in safe mode, to avoid any other incident.

Restart your system and press F2 and choose Safe Mode but go to that user, which has full admin access. Make sure that there is no external disc or floppy or USB inserted, otherwise remove it. In safe mode go to 

Start>Run>Type cmd > Enter
Go to DOS menu, then type Services.msc and select Enter.
In this section, look for software Licensing. Choose it by right clicking on it and go to its properties and find the startup type option and change it to "Automatic" and save it.
Now restart your services and restart your system. Come back to normal mode and check.
Hope your problem has resolved.
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Problem with windows seven network


Hey Jane!

That error you encounter in Windows 7 is most likely to happen when the Software Licensing Service (Slsvc.exe) is not running, while you attempt to run an upgrade.

The Slsvc.exe belongs to Microsoft ® Windows ® Operating System, that is used to protect digital products from copyright infringements. Slsvc.exe is a system process, that is needed for your Windows system to work properly.

Process Library is the unique

But, here's another thing about Slsvc.exe. It tells you something about Slsvc.exe in a Windows Vista environment, which is similar to Windows 7 interface. Here is what you should do in your case.

Run a command prompt as an Administrator.

  • Start>All Programs> Accessories> Command Prompt (Right-click and Run as Administrator)
  • At the Command Prompt type: netsh winsock reset (ignore all errors, restart, and then magic!)
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Problem with windows seven network



This issue occurs when the Software Licensing Service that is Slsvc.exe is not running. The solution for this problem is as follows:

Scan your registry and repair files that are causing errors in the computer. There are many tools available for free download. Some of the most famous one’s are Tune up utilities. You can download it from CNET.

To fix this error you should ensure that the Software Licensing Service (Slsvc.exe) is running while updates are performed.

Follow the steps below:

  • Close the error, and restart your computer.

To make sure Slsvc.exe is running do the following:

  • Click on Start then type services in the Search box
  • Then in the Program List click services.
  • If you are asked to enter administrator password or confirmation, then just type your password or you can click Continue.
  • Check that the Software Licensing service is started in the Service Control Panel.

Start the up gradation.

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