Problem using with my latest Samsung Galaxy S4

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Hi. I am using my Samsung Galaxy S4 for the last few months and it is showing some major issues since it keeps on rebooting by itself. It will usually restart from time to time. No matter what I am doing, it will restart itself. I don't know how to resolve this and I am in need of great help. Thanks and regards.

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Problem using with my latest Samsung Galaxy S4


Hello Dustin,

When you say it restarts from time to time, does it power off when you use a certain application, or when your battery reaches to a certain power level? If it is due to a certain application, stop using that application, it must be a poorly written application.

If it is due to battery condition, you can try below workaround.

1. Drain the battery completely so it switches off automatically

2. Leave it as it is for some time, maybe around 1 hour . (There is residual battery which needs to be drained)

3. Now put the battery and charge the device but keep the device switched off. Once it is fully charged (100%) , switch it on and see if the problem persists.

You might also want to check the battery inside your phone, it might have loose contact. Also if you are using a protective cover it might not be proper and sometimes it might be pressing you power key. 

Try all these solutions and even if the issue persist, see for replacement in case of warranty.

Scurlock Ward

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