Problem transferring files between itunes libraries: error -50

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My Mac Mini has an external HDD connected to it, which I used for storing my iTunes Library. I replaced it with WD 6TB Mybook (USB 3.0). In my old external WD HDD, I don't encounter an issues when transferring files from iTunes. But now, I am usually facing issues with iTunes when transferring files to my Mac library. I keep getting an error stating, "A problem has occured when downloading the file 'xxxxx'. An unknown error has occured (-50). Check if a network connection has been established." I'm not sure why this is happening, but I want a clearer suggestions on fixing it.

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Problem transferring files between itunes libraries: error -50


Hello James!

This error occurs every time there’s a conflict between the computer/laptop, external/internal hard disk drive and also your internet connectivity.

We have at least few quick fix for this. Just simply follow the steps below.

1. Turn off your laptop/desktop or mac computer.

2.  Unplug you external HDD and plug it to another available port.

3.  Reboot your system. Disable temporarily your conflicting software, third party software most of the time conflicts with the performance of your system.

4.  Make it sure that your internet connection is clear, clear all temporary file, browsing histories and cookies. You may need to reboot again your system to achieve your goal.

5.  Try to upload or re-download again the files. 

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