Problem with TeamViewer to remotely access my computer -different location

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I am trying to use Teamviewer to remotely access my computer at a different location. I set it up and unchecked the prompt for password. Even though it has been unselected, it keeps on asking for a password and telling me that the password I have is incorrect. I am very sure that I have the correct password since it was logged it successfully before. I tried to copy and paste the password to the session credential of the teamviewer but still keep on saying that the password is incorrect. I have tried it several times but it is still unsuccessful. Has anybody had the same problem with TeamViewer? What must I do to resolve this issue?



















Please enter the session password that is displayed on your partner's computer.
Password ***********

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Problem with TeamViewer to remotely access my computer -different location


Probably your Team viewer's security wall has been broken by any of third party (if use others server/any one). Basically, Team viewer is use a “middle man” to enable itself for bypassing firewalls. It saves the hassle of configuring your router/modem/firewall. Each side of the software is connect through this middle man. But, if you setup before a own team viewer server you may need not to worry about the remote access problem to your team viewer. And it’s not create the password problem.

So, first solution is remove the existing software from your system. Redownload and reinstall it. Set up a own server for this software. Follow the instruction you find in the site below- . Also you Can visit this site for more option- and › How To's

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Problem with TeamViewer to remotely access my computer -different location


I think you got it all wrong. The password being asked here by TeamViewer is not the password you used to log in to your TeamViewer user account. The password you need to input in the Password field is the session password. It is different from your user password. The session password is displayed on your original computer or the computer you are accessing remotely.

That’s why it keeps on rejecting your password because it is your user password you keep on entering. So, for example, if your desktop computer is computer A and you are on a different computer which is computer B, the password being asked is displayed on the screen of computer A. You need to ask someone near computer A to send you the session password displayed on the screen of computer A.

After this, you should be able to access your computer remotely from a different location after entering the password.

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