Problem on Sony vegas pro 10

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After internet search, always the same problem appears on Sony Vegas pro 10.
I'm new to the software. when I create a video an error message appears:

"An error occurred while creating the media file <myproject.mp4> project. The system memory is full. You can increase the available memory by closing other applications.
Can not save a completed project. I hope you can help me!


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Problem on Sony vegas pro 10



The solution to the error message is exactly what it says. You have to have more free space or more system memory available for Sony Vegas to render the project.

Close all the other applications or programs that you have open including the antivirus.

If your computer is really low on memory, try the following:

  • Disconnect from the internet – Even though you are not surfing the internet, having an open connection still uses system memory. Since it sounds like your computer is drastically low in memory, then being offline will help reduce system memory usage.


  • Increase your virtual memory – Virtual memory is like an extension of the physical memory. If your RAM is low, virtual memory uses the available disk space as memory to help your computer run programs efficiently.


  • Delete temporary files – There are files that you can dispose of without having a problem with the operation of your computer. These temporary files are created whenever you run a program. Over time, the temporary files get piled up especially if you do not run maintenance clean up of your computer system. They are still stored in your computer even if you are not using the program or application that created it in the first place.


  • Delete temporary internet files and cache – Similar to the temporary files of programs, websites that you visit also create temporary files that are needed by the website to run faster and efficiently. Again, you may delete these files since they will just be recreated when you visit or surf the internet again.


  • Compress old files – If there are files you don’t need, or files that you have not accessed for a long time but do not want to delete, then you may compress them to safe disk space. You will be surprised how much disk space you can free up by doing this process.


  • Click Start
  • Go to All Programs
  • Select Accessories
  • Pick System Tools
  • Click Disk Cleanup
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Problem on Sony vegas pro 10


It mean your system memory is full if you have enough memory to store files then this error is coming due to some virus in your device. In this case you can run a full virus scan and then can solve your problem. But in case you have not seen your device memory that is it full or not then check it first and then try to delete some old files from there.

To check your device right click on the device and then select properties this will open the properties of your drive and you will see two color combination here also your device Capacity is shown here see the Used space and free space also is your drive full and showing no free space or less free space then you have to delete some old files from your device go to your derive.

And then by right clicking it choose delete and delete some files like this on your drive one you have delete some files then check again for free memory and see is it now showing some memory then you can create new video now and can store it also in your drive.

But in case it is showing the full memory and there is no free memory in your drive then you can run a virus scan to solve this problem if no necessary data is stored on your drive then you can also format, it will delete all file form your drive and now you can store your videos on the drive.

Check also the drive drivers and also the drive with an other card is it working fine on other card then make sure there is no problem in your Sony Vegas and you will be able to store your video on your drive.

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