Problem to see video on FaceBook

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I am failing to see the videos that people post in Facebook.

When I try to see a video, it says “This video may have been removed or is not available due to privacy settings”.

Please somebody help me.


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Problem to see video on FaceBook


Hello Jimmy,

As it clearly reads it isn’t available for the normal public to access that video. Facebook has stringent privacy norms and once can choose if he/she wants to share their information or not.

In your case, if you can see that video on your news feed but not able to go to the link provided, it’s because your friend was tagged in that video and it appeared on his/her wall.

But if the original owner of the video chose not to share it with you, it is impossible for anyone to view that video unless it is shared with that person. If you still want to see that video, you need to go to your friend’s place and ask them to show that video, sadly that is the only option left.

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Problem to see video on FaceBook


At first take a look that can you upload a video?

If upload you should check out your control panel .May be flash player

Didn't download it and install it.

If install the flash player ,it may damaged. So you should install it again.I think your problem is solved.

If not, you should changed your privacy setting.

For changing your privacy setting go to privacy setting and click “Timeline And Tagging” menu.

Now customize your self.I think your problem may be changed.

Otherwise the video is removed by the author.

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Problem to see video on FaceBook


First try to refresh the page or even restart your computer. If that doesn’t work something from this list should help:

1. It might be happening due to removal of specific video file or due to Facebook Privacy Settings. Maybe person who posted video removed it, or it has been removed by site administrators due to some legal issues. Maybe it’s being updated or modified in that moment and temporarily locked. Maybe people that posted video limited viewing to certain groups of people and you might not be in that group. You should ask a friend that posted a video to change his Facebook privacy settings related to video viewing and allow you to see specific video.

2. Clear cache if needed.

3. You should also check version of your Adobe Flash Player and update it if you don’t use the latest version.

4. Try to play video using different browser. Some browsers don’t support all video files formats.

5. Check your computer for viruses and other malicious items.

6. Run your computer in Safe Mode if it’s necessary.

7. If nothing listed above didn’t help, maybe you should check your video driver and update it.

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