Problem restoring/reconnecting mailbox for a user

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Exchange 2003 (all SP and hotfixes current) running on Windows Server 2003 (all SP and hotfixes current).

In short, almost all mailboxes moved from our domain to a resource domain where Exchange now lives in the corporate world. Our server just has a few boxes left and will be decommissioned in a few months. A few weeks after the big move a user comes back and have lost mail and things, probably during his mailbox move. Corp says they don’t have a backup of the stuff, it does not exist on their backups so I was asked to do a restore. 

Did a restore according to and I can see all mailboxes in there. I fail at step 8 where I get "The Operation cannot be performed because this mailbox was already reconnected to an existing user" (c1034ad6). From what all I can find I have to clean the existing AD account from its exchange attribute, but I’m not allowed to do so by Corp, they have put things in there and are less than helpful in this case.

So the question is, How do I connect the mailbox to a new account without deleting or modifying the current existing user? So that I can do an exmerge on the stuff.

Thank you.

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Problem restoring/reconnecting mailbox for a user




Do as follow:

1. Create a new "Mailbox Store" called "database2"

2. Mount the Mailbox Store (this will create .edb and .stm file in the directory)

3. Dismount the Mailbox Store

4. Copy the restored database (. edb and .stm file) to overwrite the "database2" file(.edb and .stm file)

5. Right-click "database2" -> Properties -> Database Tab -> tick "This database can be overwritten by a restore" check box.

6. Mount the Mailbox Store again

7. Refreshingly, you can see all the mailbox in the mailbox folder

8. Run Cleanup Agent (the status of the mailbox should become disconnected)

9. Right-click a disconnected mailbox, you can see reconnect

10. Then you can reconnect the mailbox to another user. this will suffice I suppose.

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