Problem restoring Windows 7 to early date

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Till yesterday my computer was running perfectly. But, as I turned it on today, its experiencing so many lags and freezes. Now, I want to restore my Dell Inspiron Windows 7 computer to earlier date but it doesn't show any options for restoration. Is there any other way to restore it?

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Problem restoring Windows 7 to early date



Hi Lewis Alberto,

    Well, it probably cannot restore to a certain point from the past since you said there are no restore points being shown. Instead of restoring it to a certain point before, just troubleshoot your computer. Try to solve what is causing all the lags and freezes you are now experiencing. Well, there are a lot of reasons why this has happened to your computer. It could be because of a driver issue especially when the problem is because of your GPU drivers, a newly installed hardware, program, etc, or a certain process that is eating up all of your memory. Anyway, just try any of these solutions:

Solution 1:

Uninstall and reinstall your drivers especially with your video card drivers. Sometimes, when updating your drivers it causes errors; thereby, causing this phenomenon.

Solution 2:

Uninstall the newly installed driver, program, etc.; this new installation probably must be causing this.

Solution 3:

Check your task manager. Open it, and then go to process tab. There you could see all the processes running as well as their memory usage. If one process is eating up most of your memory, terminate it. And uninstall the program it belongs if it is a useless program.

>>Mathew Joni<<

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Problem restoring Windows 7 to early date



Before you try anything, check and remember if you have installed any new software or program as of recent that might have caused your computer to have problems – try to uninstall any new programs that you think might have caused this problem. If the computer continues to behave badly, then you might want to try System Restore.

The first and best option to restore your system to an earlier date is to open System Restore on Windows. In order to do this, Click on Start> Look for All Programs> Accessories then look for System Tools and then finally look for System Restore. You will be asked for the admin password and you need to log in before making any changes. Now, don’t forget to save any important files and close all programs, System Restore will automatically reboot your computer. Here is a helpful video on how to access System Restore on YouTube:

If there are no options for System Restore or if it fails to run –Here are other options you can try:

·         Run your PC on Safe Mode – then check if settings or options on restoring your system to an earlier date will appear

·         If Safe Mode doesn’t work, boot into Recovery through  the HDD Recovery Partition or use the Windows 7 DVD  and try accessing the System Restore there


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Problem restoring Windows 7 to early date


Thanks Durante and Mathew. You are guys are really a great help.. I was able to do all the troubleshooting you have provided. And Dell Inspiron Windows7 is now working safe and sound.. Thanks

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