Problem with my newly installed Video Card

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Hi have this problem in my newly installed video card from NVIDIA GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS. 

Everything is in default but every time i start my PC, there's white horizontal lines occurs on start up and when i open random explorers. 

I'm worried about what can it be done to my monitor. 

I checked the plug on the motherboard, its tight.

How can i fix this?

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Problem with my newly installed Video Card



It can be happened due to several reasons, VGA card problem, VGA cable problem, Monitor Problem, or RAM problem.

So first of all recheck your VGA cable which came out from the VGA card and connected to the monitor. confirm that the cable is out of problem.

Secondly remove your computer RAM and connect again ( sound like silly, please do believe it can happened because of the RAM, I've fix more than 40 computer VGA problems due to RAM errors )

Thirdly please check your VGA card by using another VGA card for your machine or you can remove your VGA Card and connect into another computer and check your VGA card


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Problem with my newly installed Video Card


You could have one of the following problems.

1. Video Card itself is defective – Replacing your video card and asking for warranty because its brand new is the last thing you should do if any of the below solution didn't work. You said that it is freshly installed so you can avail the warranty unless you bought it used already.

2. Driver of the Video Card – Have you installed the driver of the video card provided along with hardware? It is in CD format and is need to optimized the performance of your card. Else you can download the latest drivers in the internet provided that the downloaded one is supported for your operating system.

3. You Monitor is not functioning well – Just simply test other CPU in this thing and you can see if it broken or not.

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